Rob Kardashian Gets Botox Injections At Age 25, Thanks To Sisters Advice

Rob Kardashian, 25 years old and the youngest of the K-Klan family of fame-lovers has taken a page out of his families cosmetic playbook and is not dabbling in botox injections. According to an insider at the National Enquirer, Sir Rob Kardashian began feeling self-conscious about his appearance while worried about his "face drooping".

The insider also claims that it was his big sister, Kim Kardashian who urged sibling Rob to "stop whining and put his money where his mouth is."

Its been almost a month since the National Enquirer first published the report, and still no feedback or denial from Rob, not even a tweet. However, he has been sending out some 'interesting' pics lately...
As you already know, plastic surgery is not uncommon among members of the Kardashian and Jenner family. In an episode of KUWTK, sister Kim was featured getting botox. Eldest sister Kourtney has admitted to breast implants, while Khloe has been rumored to have opted for a nose job.

Meanwhile, the Jenner side of the family is riddled with plastic surgery procedures. Bruce Jenner has undergone just about everything, and bag of potato chips. Mother and ringleader, Kris Jenner has also had her fair share of work done, including a nose job and a gruesome televised facelift.

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Anonymous said...

Rob be smart and don't fall for what your family is doing and your sisters are telling you to do. Guys for some reason don't come out good after having any type of plastic surgery done. Your young!!!!! so don't start messing with your face now. You have a lot of years to go without worrying about something so stupid right now and anyhow men seem to look so much better as they age so think twice before and little nips and tucks because you will end up not looking like yourself and will be so sorry down the line.

Anonymous said...

Don't do it Robert you are handsome and young it will come back to haunt your ass.straight the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

Leave The Drugs ALONE Bro.