Emily VanCamp Rejects Botox, Is Proud Of Her Grandma's Wrinkles

Emily VanCamp, star of the hit ABC drama series entitled 'Revenge', has made it perfectly clear how she plans on aging. Naturally!

And while the majority of Hollywood actresses are booking tickets to climb about the cosmetic bandwagon, Ms VanCamp has rejected the notion of plastic surgery, more specifically Botox injections, as a method for fighting fine-lines and wrinkles.

The 26 year-old actress recently told Women's Health magazine she one day hopes to have the 'happy wrinkles' of her grandmother.
I mean, to each his own, and I know there are those pressures. But I look at my grandmother and think, Wow, I hope I have those happy wrinkles. You see the map of her life on her face, and she's so beautiful. She wouldn't be my grandma without those beautiful lines.
Cheers to you Ms. VanCamp, for going above and beyond the show business status quo, and for sending a bold statement to you're peers and fans alike.

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