Did Elin Nordegren Get Breast Implants For Her 33rd Birthday? Bikini Pic Comparison

Elin Nordegren, AKA ex-miss Tiger Woods, and recipient of a $100 million dollar divorce settlement, was recently spotted gracing white sand beaches while celebrating her 33rd birthday in the beautiful Bahamas.

Maintaining a superbly fit figure wasn't the only thing that caught our attention while observing Ms. Nordegren. No, it also appears glaringly obvious that the blonde bombshell has paid a visit to her friendly neighborhood plastic surgeon, presumably to increase the size of her breast implants.
Elin was already believed to have opted for breast enhancement surgery, even before her marriage to Tiger Woods, however its now appears that Ms. Nordegren has added a few more CC's of saline or silicone to her implants.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, construction on her massive 21,000-square-foot oceanfront mansion is almost ready for occupancy. It just goes to show, there is life after Tiger...

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