Melanie Griffith Says She Is Ridiculed On Twitter: "Nasty Tweets"

Melanie Griffith has been a solid fixture in the entertainment industry for the better part of the last 40 years, and during her time in the limelight she has opted for more than her fair share of cosmetic procedures... And now those following her every move on the social networking site Twitter are letting the star know about it.
Griffith recently told Us Weekly that she receives a plethora of negative feedback via Twitter, concerning her previous cosmetic choices.
Most people are telling me I look horrible. The tweets I get are really nasty.
Meanwhile, in an effort to hold on to what she has left, the star has now chosen a natural anti-aging regime. Exercise!
I don't know if I look that great. But I work out a lot. I have a trainer that I work with four times a week, and I do hot yoga.
As for the people who feel the need to disparage Ms. Griffin because of her past transgressions. Its really unnecessary at this point. Melanie is well aware of the mistakes shes made in the past, but its clear that she is now moving forward and trying to redeem herself.

You used to say "live and let live", you know you did, you know did, you know did...

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