Joe Biden Plastic Surgery: Before And After Botox, Eye Lift

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a portrait of vice president Joe Biden is worth well over a million colorful comments. Its not only his boisterous demeanor that is speaking volumes about his personal character.

No, it also appears that Joe 'Smiling' Biden has an affinity for the latest in anti-aging therapy. Yep, as you may have already guessed Mr. Biden appears to be quite fond of plastic surgery.

 Joe Biden Plastic Surgery: Before And After Botox, Eye Lift

And while this isn't 'breaking news' to many of you, it's long been suspected that Joe has dabbled in botox treatment, which is evident on his forehead . Some have even suggested that he may have undergone surgery for a non-invasive brow or eyelid string-lift.

Personally I would prefer if our elected politicians were focusing their efforts on improving the national economy, and the overall society in which we live... and not worrying about how they can turn back the hands-of-time, two... maybe three years. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned.

The before and after photo that we featured four years ago when smiling Biden was first running as a vice presidential candidate.

You decide, folks! Has Joe Biden experimented with botox injections? And furthermore, do you think the long-time Washington gunslinger opted for work around his eyes?

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