Stars Exposed: 5 Celebrities With Visible Plastic Surgery Scarring

When faced with the accusation of plastic surgery, celebrities often deny such claims, but when photo evidence reveals scar tissue on said celebrity, the evidence is undeniable. Here we have a list of five famous individuals who has been busted with suspiciously placed scars on areas of their body which often indicate that a cosmetic procedure has been preformed.

Christina Aguilera Armpit Scar

Christina Aguilera has long been suspected of opting for breast augmentation. Rumors aside, the scar tissue underneath her right armpit is a common insertion spot for breast implants.

Tara Reid Tummy Scarring

Tara Reid is often portrayed as a poster-child for bad plastic surgery. With her notoriously bad boob job, it is also believed that the scarring on her stomach is the result of a bad tummy tuck operation.

Halle Berry Armpit Scar

Halle Berry is widely regarded as one of the worlds most beautiful actresses. However she is also rumored to have opted for at least two cosmetic procedures. One being a nose job, and breast implants have also been a topic of discussion after the star was spotted with a peculiar looking scar underneath her left armpit.

Katie Price Breast Scarring

Katie Price is one of Britain's most prolific plastic surgery figures, and a candidate of more than one breast augmentation procedure, which is quire evident from the scarring on the side of her breast.

Jwoww ScarUnder Breast

Quasi-celebrity, Jenni "Jwoww" Farley is known for appearing on the reality television show entitled Jersey Show, but she is also recognized for her incredibly overinflated bosom. It was already quite obvious that Ms. Woww had opted for implants, but when this photo, showing a scar underneath her breast was reveled, it became official.

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