Miley Cyrus Lip Injections: Twitpic’s Her Swollen Pucker

TV starlet, turned pop princess, turned aspiring leading lady, Miley Cyrus has been sharing an awful lot of candid photos of herself via the social networking site Twitter, as many celebrities do.

Miley Cyrus Lip Injections?

But it wasn't her new pixie hairstyle that had everyone talking about her most recent snapshot. Instead, it was the appearance of her lips that left many folks wondering if the young actress had been dabbling in a bit of the ol' lip enhancement.

Sporting what appears to be the classic swollen symptoms that are often associated with lip injections, but the starlet has yet to address the speculation.

Needless to say, she wouldn't be the first 20 something year-old celeb to take a ride on the Restylane highway. We only hope her curiosity doesn't lead her into some of the more serious procedures, down on the no-turning-back boulevard of broken dreams.

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