Oneal Ron Morris Pleads Not Guilty in Fix-A-Flat Horror Story

You may recall the story of Floridian transvestite Oneal Ron Morris, who was arrested and charged with practicing medicine without a license after he/she allegedly injected a mixture of flat-tire sealant, cement, and other toxic materials into three different individuals seeking a type of cosmetic enhancement.

The alleged crimes occurred in 2010 but the case is just now heading to court, and Mr/Mrs. Morris has officially pleaded NOT guilty. Stay tuned for updates, as we'll be keeping a close eye on this macabre morsel of back-ally malpractice.

All three victims in the case suffered a myriad of health complications including: infection, sores, flu symptoms, and severe discomfort. Additionally, one of the victims suffered significant facial disfiguration after the same concoction of toxic materials was injected into the cheeks, chin and lips of the individual. The other two victims received buttock injections.

Despite the allegations and charges issued in the case, Morris maintained his/her innocence while speaking with Entertainment Tonight...
They didn't catch me doing anything so it's just allegations. I'm innocent. Like, I really am innocent or whatever.
Hmm, sounds like something a guilty person might say... But lets not cast stones before the legal proceeding has run its course. Seriously though, what do you think about this crazy case?

Oneal Ron Morris' Shocking Mugshot Photo

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