Ashley Judd Before And After: Plastic Surgery or Medication?

While promoting her upcoming television series entitled Missing, actress Ashley Judd has been receiving a tremendous amount unwanted attention, completely unrelated to her new project. Instead, the topic of conversation has shifted to Ashley's appearance.

Pillow face, puffy, and swollen are a just few of the words being tossed around, after the actress made a guest spot on the Canadian television program 'The Marilyn Denis Show' while donning a fuller looking face.

Ashley Judd Before And After Facial Fillers?

Significant signs of weight gain was not apparent, with the exception of her face, that looked to be exceedingly puffy. In the world of cosmetic surgery, a puffy, fuller face is often an indication of facial fillers (Restylane, Juvederm, ArteColl) which are all the rage in show business nowadays.

However, as the rumor picked up steam on the social networking scene, and the story was published by several high profile websites, a spokesperson for Ashley Judd issued a statement via E! News.
Ashley has been battling an ongoing, serious sinus infection and flu. Therefore, Ashley has been on a heavy dose of medication to overcome it so she could get on a plane and travel to Toronto and New York to fulfill her commitment of completing four consecutive days of press to promote her new show Missing.

There is zero sign of plastic surgery, puffiness, fillers, etc. That has become a silly and erroneous topic of conversation. Ashley is a natural beauty enjoying her 40's gracefully.
This may sound a little fishy, considering the average person doesn't have this type of reaction to flu medication. With that being said, we don't know exactly what Ms. Judd was taking to combat her illness, and with so many different kinds of medication being prescribed these days, the side effects are most certainly broad.

Final explanation: We have a statement from the Judd camp detailing their side of the story, and then we have a before and after photo showcasing two drastically different looks from Ashley. Its a bit a mystery at this point, but we will definitely be keeping a close eye on the situation. Until then, voice your opinion in the comment box below!

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8 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

I have taken rounds of steroids for sinus infection several times and yes your face will get puffy and round. Your whole body will change if steriods are taken for long periods of time.

Anonymous said...

How can she be doing such difficult physical things when she is so sick? Sounds a bit fishy. If she is however using fillers...she truly is a natural beauty and I hope she lets go of the "Hollywood Trends." I do hope that she gets well if she is battling illness. She IS one of my most favorite actresses. VERY TALENTED! Good luck in your new series.

Anonymous said...

Prednisone gives moonface/basketball face. It looks like that's what she has.

Sybil said...

Yes, I agree with she looks like she is on a round of Prednisone. My son who has asthma was on this drug many times. His face 'pie, moon face' is a typical side affect. Ashley is a naturally pretty lady. I am enjoying immensely her role in 'Missing'. Reminds me of the movie 'Taken'

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! I hope she would never have plastic surgery, especially to puff it up like that. She's got a very naturally pretty face.

Anonymous said...

Don't mean to be snarky but...when she smiles she doesn't wrinkle around the eyes. She doesn't look as though she has gained so much weight that her face would look that round. She said she is in the best shape of her life to take on her roll in Missing. If you look at her Mom, she has that same puffy look. Hum, same docs?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the steroid comments. Large steroid doses are sometimes used in conjunction with antibiotics to combat bugs, and high doses of steroids can make a face unrecognizably puffy. I speak from experience. I looked like a completely different person on high doses of steroids.

Anonymous said...

Ashley is a very honest and smart woman so with the way her mother and sister's plastic surgeries have turned out I doubt she'd want to go under the knife unless her health was in serious danger. Her looks are still very much bankable so think what you will. People always do!