Minka Kelly Before And After Botox? Plastic Surgery Rumors

Last time we caught up with Hollywood starlet Minka Kelly she was chatting it up with Late Show host David Letterman, telling a story about an ex-playmate who advised her to get plastic surgery. And while Kelly ultimately rejected the cosmetic proposal, some people believe the actress has since dabbled in a little artificial anti-aging.

This is exhibit A of what some are saying is Minka Kelly before and after plastic surgery... We've heard a lot of talk about botox injections, instead, we think this comparison showcases Ms. Kelly before and after a heavy dose of "red carpet" makeup. The photos are from 2007 - 2012.

Below is another double-take of the actress, which focuses on the forehead area. In the first photo we see a smattering of expression lines across her forehead, while in the second photo there is virtually no trace of any lines or wrinkles.

Minka Kelly Before And After Botox?

Its difficult to say for certain, and this could very well be the result of botox injections, but in our personal opinion, we think Minka's vanishing lines are more likely attributed to both: makeup, and perhaps the use of a high-quality skin serum such as Ferulic Acid. Known to produce tremendous results, for an astronomical price.

Botox tends to cause a much tighter and more unnatural appearance than what we're seeing in these photos. Thus our verdict is "not guilty" in the rumor of plastic surgery. Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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