Kate Walsh Talks Plastic Surgery: 'Strangely Common'

Private Practice leading lady, Kate Walsh is gracing the cover of the March issue of fitness magazine Shape! Among the topics of discussion featured in the interview was... you guessed it, plastic surgery!

Ms. Walsh shared exactly how she feels about the startlingly routine trend that is taking not only Hollywood, but the world by storm.
We live in a strange time when getting plastic surgery is as common as dyeing your hair. But in my profession, I need a malleable face. Everyone has her line in the sand. I draw mine at facials and laser treatments. If others want to go a step further, it's their call.
Strange times indeed, and unfortunately many men and women are taking it a step further, disregarding the necessity of a "malleable face", and as a result we're seeing a steady increase of expressionless faces on the big screen, and in checkout lines around the globe.

Final analysis: The level of poseurs has officially reached an all-time high.

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