LeAnn Rimes Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before And After

Country singer-songwriter LeAnn Rimes is once again making headlines for something unrelated to her craft... Which seems to be the new norm for the two-time Grammy award winning songstress.

With a smattering of unflattering relationship & weight related stories hitting the front pages this previous year, its another topic that has garnered our attention. Plastic surgery!

It was in January of 2011 when the first wave of rumors hit the press. Photographs of the often bikini-clad Rimes showcased an obvious enhancement of the singers bust size. Presumed to be the result of breast augmentation surgery.

LeAnn Rimes Before And After Breast Implants

The above photo showcases LeAnn Rimes before her presumed operation, and then afterwards donning a bikini while looking awfully enhanced, albeit very thin, and her breast implants appear to be quite noticeable and unnatural in appearance.

Flash forward to January of 2012 and we see another before and after comparison below, this time featuring Ms. Rimes with some additional weight on her body, looking rather healthy while also looking quite larger in the chest department. A far cry from her ultra-thin physique that received much scrutiny from a variety of media sources in 2011.

Did she opt for bigger breast implants? Not likely, instead it appears that her newly acquired lbs have helped add a little "natural" shape to her already enhanced breasts (presumed breast implants, of course). There has been no official conformation from LeAnn Rimes herself.

LeAnn Rimes After Breast Augmentation Surgery (2012 & 2011)

And lastly we'll leave you with one more snapshot. On the left, before undergoing plastic surgery for breast implants, and then another more recent photograph of Rimes looking exceedingly more enhanced on top.

How would you evaluate the whole LeAnn Rimes breast implants plastic surgery scenario? We often hear of celebrities, mainly actresses, who opt for breast implants as a way to "enhance" their career. But that really doesn't apply to Ms. Rimes considering she's been dishing out chart-topping songs for the better part of the last 20 years.

Unfortunately for many women, opting for breast implants is the result of nothing more than a poor self-image, often provoked by twisted imagery and mind numbingly fake "characters" being broadcast via entertainment venues including television, cinema, and other outlets that produce such material. Custom-made role models seem to be in high demand these days...

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better before.