Two Botched Surgeries, One Doctor: Texas Family Outraged

Plastic surgery gone wrong is what two families are proclaiming after a pair of women become hospital bound after undergoing plastic surgery by Dr. Hector Oscar Molina.

Botched Surgery Number One:

A 28-year-old Dallas woman reportedly endured a nightmarish breast augmentation and arm lift operation that resulted in open wounds and a dangerous infection.

The 28-year-old woman, who wished to be left unnamed, sought out the services of Dr. Hector Oscar Molina, an Irving based cosmetic surgeon who preformed the breast augmentation and arm lift procedure.

The woman's mother said the operation lasted "17 hours" and that she feared for her daughter.
I was so scared for my daughter. When he took off all of the bandages, we saw the wounds and they were so open and infected.
Nine days following the operation the patient was taken to a Baylor area hospital where doctors treated her wounds and opted to remove her breast implants.

The patient's sister elaborated on what took place in the operating room on the day of the surgery preformed by Dr. Hector Oscar Molina.
All of a sudden I heard her scream. I was like what is going on? She was awake and they were just shooting her up with drugs. They were doing her left implant and it was hurting.
Botched Surgery Number Two:

In April of 2011 an EMS unit was dispatched to the same clinic after Dr. Hector Oscar Molina reportedly botched a butt lift operation on a woman by injecting fat too deep, reaching the underlining muscles and nerves. The patient was reportedly left alone, accompanied by only a friend while recovering at the clinic.

The 911 caller said...
I am here with one of my friends who had surgery today. She cannot feel the bottom on her feet and she does not feel good at all. There is nobody here, just me and her.
Currently facing A lawsuit, Dr. Molina has denied all such claims in the case. He issued a statement saying: because of pending litigation I cannot make any further comments.

The investigation is ongoing, and Molina currently possesses a licenses to practice. Meanwhile there are two women and two families who are completely devastated with the outcome of the surgery, the pain and suffering endured, while extremely frustrated with the medical board for their lack of reprimand. Furthermore, both of the patients are lacking health insurance.
Why hasn't anyone stopped him... the patients sister said.
source: Fox News Latino

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Anonymous said...

i like that no health insurance, yet they chose to spend money on new breasts and a butt. ain't america grand. your tax dollars will fund the surgeries to fix this.

Anonymous said...

I know Hector Molina, personally. I was a patient of his from 1993-1995. He is NOT a cosmetic surgeon. He has a clinic with his wife, who is a physical therapist. He is a general practitioner, but due to the laws, there are NO restrictions as to who can administer these procedures. I know the patents suffered (due to their own choices), however, why are they not being held accountable for choosing a doctor who is not specialized in this area of medicine? Would you let a dentist take out your appendix? No. Then why let a a general practitioner remove ENTIRE parts of your body and reshape others? That seems like something I would want an EXPERT doing. Or even better, how about you get off your lazy ass and exercise? I lost 100 pounds that way. I could have spent $10000USD to lose it, but I chose the longer, cheaper route. Why? Because I got myself fat, I can get myself thin. People here in the US are so lazy and entitled. I wish I could be on that jury. I would dismiss that case, pleading that the defendants should have done their homework. Why penalize someone YOU HIRED and CHOSE to do the work? Should he be responsible? Yes, by taking away his license and reducing what he is able to do, medically. But to award patients money because they are vain, cheap and stupid? No way.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Well said!

Anonymous said...

Beaconreborn you are truly an idiot. Why should the patient have to do research on a doctor? How about the doctor be what he says he is. And for a doctor who is supposed to be educated and intelligent to do practices that he is not qualified to do is down right ignorant.

Anonymous said...

When a patient goes to a doctor for a procedure, any procedure, and the doctor says they are qualified to perform that procedure you expect a certain level of professionalism and that they are in fact qualified to do the procedure. Frivolous lawsuits have been curtailed somewhat due to the loser pays issue but there is still more to be done. The issue of doctors not having insurance has yet to be addressed properly. If you and I are required to have auto liability insurance just in case we have an accident to protect the victim or innocent party, doctors should also be required to have malpractice insurance also in order to protect their victims.

Anonymous said...

Haha I just saw this. Hehehe Why should a patient have to research a doctor? Really???? Hahahah Oh I bet you get impeccable care from all of our doctors you just google and go to. It is called reputation and prestige, you moron. . I swear. When people realize that they, themselves, are responsible for their own safety in regard to someone who basically passed the MCAT and spent some time in the hospitals during med school, then the stupid lawsuits will stop. Again NOT saying this doc does not deserve strict punishments, but just saying YOUR health care is YOUR responsibility. If you are cool with going to a regular non specialty doctor to perform very new and fastidiously executed specialized procedures - knock yourself out. And you are just the type to be whining that you DESERVE a reward for not being proactive in regard to your OWN healthcare.