Sheyla Hershey New Breast Implants: 2011 Plastic Surgery

Last time we caught up with world renowned breast implant enthusiast Sheyla Hershey, she was hospitalized after a reported suicide attempt via a bottle of sleeping pills. This was shortly after she battled a severe staph infection that prompted the removal of her 38KKK breast implants.

Since her recovery and the removal of her famous implants, Sheyla's ongoing battle with self-acceptance and contentment has hit another stumbling block, as Ms. Hershey has reportedly once again undergone plastic surgery for yet another breast augmentation procedure.

Despite the wishes of her family and the recommendation from her doctor, Sheyla Hershey recently underwent breast enhancement surgery in Cancun, Mexico. The procedure increased her bust size back to 38KKK. That's over 4,000 cc's of saline!

Sheyla Hershey's family and friends are obviously concerned with her state of mind, and more importantly her health and well-being. Hershey recently spoke about the concerns of her husband...
He doesn't want me to keep on having these operations and he says that every time I go he thinks I might not come back alive. My husband worried I wouldn’t come back alive, but I just wanted to have my breasts again.
Derek says he doesn’t want me to look like a porn star and tells me that I have a daughter now. He says, 'how do you think your little girl will look at you and your breasts?' I tell him that she loves them and that I am a good mother.
At this point we're just glad that Sheyla Hershey is alive and well. With that being said, she seriously needs an intervention to help overcome these dreadful self-image issues.

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Anonymous said...

Her daughter probs dont like them and when she 14 she gonna most likely be embrassed of her but hey the mind wants what the min wants but its still sad she has body issues god gave you that boy for a reason instead of rejecting it and "fixing it" with plastic surgery because in the long run it will turn out bad almost 95% of the time

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