Mariel Hemingway Surgery Side Effect: Breast Implant Removal

Plastic surgery is often portrayed as being a glamorous 'enhancement' to the human body, however, its the lesser publicized aspects of the surgery that are truly cringe-worthy.

And no matter how safe plastic surgery is sometimes perceived as being, there are numerous potential risks associated with the plethora of procedures that people choose to undergo.

30 years ago, actress Mariel Hemingway was just getting her feet wet in the show business industry when she opted for breast augmentation surgery. A decision that was accompanied by serious side effects, after one of her breast implants ruptured, causing silicone to leak into her bloodstream.

She recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight and said...
I actually had silicone in my blood. So I did hyperbaric oxygen treatment to turn the silicone into silicone citrate so it could pass, but it took a long time to get that out of my system.
Despite the complications, Hemingway then opted to have her silicone implants replaced with a saline substitute, until the actress ultimately 'saw the light' and had those implants removed as well.

She also spoke about plastic surgery awareness, and the necessity of informing the patient about potential dangers prior to undergoing the knife.
People have a right to know what the truth is about these things. You can make any choice you want ... but know when you put plastic in your body you might have a reaction. Maybe you won't, and some don't. But you might.
Sound words of advice coming from the actress who starred in films such as Manhattan, Star 80, and my personal favorite Bad Moon. Her current stance on cosmetic surgery is "I really believe in being natural." Shout it from the rooftop, Mariel!

Mariel Hemingway also spoke out against the use of botox, lip injections and facial filler, which she confessed to trying and ultimately disliking. Saying "It was all wrong. I felt bloated."

Ms. Hemingway is currently campaigning for the message of "awareness" and "knowledge", while spreading the word about health and wellness through the power of nature. Checkout her website The Willing Way.

A message that we personally take to heart, as we are constantly informing our readers about the safe natural alternatives to plastic surgery.

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