Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery Before And After: No Facelift

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Rumors suggest facelift, but Kate Gosselin denies it! Checkout the before and after photo and decide for yourself.

You heard it ladies and gentlemen, former reality television star and mother of eight turned internet blogger, Kate Gosselin, has denied reports that she has undergone plastic surgery for a facelift.

Recent photos of Ms. Gosselin has sent keen-eyed observers, and at least one New York City plastic surgeon into a tizzy regarding Kate's newly altered appearance. And a facelift procedure seems to be what everyone is screaming from the rooftops.

Kate Gosselin quickly retorted via her blog, saying...
I will confirm that I have not had one. I am only 36! But, I will take all of the talk about how rested and young I look as a compliment! So thanks!
And we actually believe her! This recent change in appearance doesn't look like the result of a facelift at all. Instead, we think that 'injectables' are likely the culprit in this case.

In our best assessment, it would appear that Gosselin has been dabbling in facial fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane. These fillers typically last for 6-8 months. Perhaps accompanied by botox injections, which she is rumored to have tried in the past.

In addition to the latest onset of plastic surgery speculation, Kate Gosselin was previously suspected of getting breast implants or a breast lift back in 2010, as well as a tummy tuck procedure which was later confirmed.

While denying the facelift accusation altogether, Gosselin managed to keep the possibility of other procedures alive by not completely dismissing cosmetic surgery in general.

After seeing these recent snapshots, including the before and after comparison, what is your personal assessment of Kate Gosselin's new look?

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5 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

Kate who?

Anonymous said...

She had her nose done!

Anonymous said...

Now there is a woman with real problems! I have a very narcistic sister who acts just like Kate. Kate has some serious image problems. She acts like she is in total control and that is the only way she can overcome her insecurities. If she can point out another's (Jon) faults it covers her own faults. She showed who she really was on the camping trip, which is when her "friends" dumped her and left. I think that may have shown the network how screwed up she really is. Therapy would help her and I suggest it strongly.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what this women does to her face because it is her personality that needs the work! She has serious psych problems that need to be addressed before her face.

Anonymous said...

This lady would be fine if she let go of always trying to out talk and control everyone and every situation. Watching the show, we all knew their was only a matter of time before her marriage ended...She was very mean and controlling to Jon