Fix-A-Flat Butt Enlargement: Woman Has Tire Sealant, Cement Injected Into Buttock

Today's twisted tale of plastic surgery takes us to Miami Gardens, Florida where a transgender woman is currently facing criminal changes for practicing medicine without a license with serious bodily injury, while posing as a plastic surgeon.

The suspect, Oneal Ron Morris (30), seen here in a awfully bizarre looking mugshot... is said to have injected a woman's buttock with a concoction of cement, mineral oil, and a flat-tire sealant known as 'Fix a Flat' (the stuff used on car tires!) back in May of 2010.

To complete the $700 procedure which included a series of injections, Morris then sealed the small incisions using super glue. Needless to say, the unnamed victim in the case was hospitalized with symptoms including severe abdominal pain, flu-like symptoms and infected sores on her buttock.

The victim initially sought medical attention at two area hospitals, but departed both hospitals before actually being treated, due to embarrassment. It wasn't until the victims mother took her to a third hospital that she was treated. At which point doctors notified the Department of Health and subsequently the police.

Police said that Mr/Mrs. Morris had alluded authorities for over a year before being arrested last week. Reports indicate that Morris is currently out of jail on bond.

As for the mind bogglingly strange mugshot photo of Morris, seen sporting a abnormally over-sized lower region. We can only imagine, if he/she used tire sealant on his/her victim, he/she probably installed the entire wheel into his/her backside...

Wow, this really takes the cake! Without a doubt, this is the most bizarre case of botched plastic surgery in the history of cosmetics. If this can even be consider as "plastic surgery".

Somewhere right now Kim Kardashian and Coco Austin must be saying "well, this is just ridiculous!". Celebrity butt implants and injections don't stand a chance against this monstrosity.

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