Coco Austin's Enlarged Bottom: Butt Injections Before After

Yesterday we shared with you a very disturbing story concerning a transgender man who posed as a plastic surgeon and injected a woman's buttock with a toxic mixture of Fix-A-Flat tire sealant and cement.

Today we are revisiting a popular fixture in the world of 'butt enhancement' Ms. Nicole Coco Austin. Star of the reality series entitled 'Ice Loves Coco' and wife of famed rap star turned actor, Ice Tea.

Coco is often photographed while gracing the beautiful beaches of Miami, Florida. And on one of her most recent outings she appeared to be even more enhanced in her famous butt region, if that's even possible.

Already believed to have undergone an undisclosed type of butt augmentation in the past, the blonde "bombshell" looks to have increased her assets once again, perhaps by way of fat injections.

Despite the rumors of butt enhancement via implants or injections, Coco insists that she is all natural with the exception of her super-sized breast implants.

Since her rise in fame, it seems like Coco's backside has a mind of its own, growing right before our eyes. The before and after photo above showcases Coco Austin in 2010 and 2011. She doesn't necessarily look heavier in the 'after' pic, only in that one certain area... Hmm, very suspicious.

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4 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

Uh, you ever heard of muscles? Those things can grow if you exercise. Oh, and there's this one called the gluteus maximus. Guess what? It's your butt! Yeah! IT CAN CHANGE SIZES.

Anonymous said...

It's very rare that you'll find a woman that was blessed with large boobs AND a large ass from nature. It's either one, or the other - big boobs or a big ass, but very rarely both. There are exceptions to the rule, but take a look around and see if this rings true for you.

As far as Coco goes - her ass has always been huge, and the comparison photos are two very different angles. Compare two actual side angle photos (like the second) and you'll see that it's basically the same. What woman would admit to having enormous breast implants, and not admit to having her butt worked on? Coco has said herself that she got the boobs to help balance her body because the bottom half was so extremely different from the top.

lilkunta said...

Coco showed pics of herself younger as "proof" that her butt is real.
In those teenage and early 20s pics all we see is a long butt. Younger Coco doesnt have the huge mound that 2012 Coco does. I think she did get butt implants. Whoever her Dr was did a great job.

Anonymous said...

Coco's azz is much smaller in first photo -- doesn't matter the angle. Stevie W. could see that. I have never seen her or her azz when she was younger. Just my opinion and what I've observed.