Ashley Tisdale Before And After Breast Implants Surgery

Ashley Tisdale is certainly no stranger to cosmetic surgery, as you'll recall the 'High School Musical' actress has previously undergone rhinoplasty surgery (here) to correct a deviated septum on the right side of her nose.

The nose job procedure was deemed necessary to combat her breathing trouble, however this latest plastic surgery rumor is far from 'health' related.

Ms. Tisdale was recently spotted while soaking up the sun in Miami, Florida. Needless to say the actress appeared to be sporting a newly acquired pair of assets. That's right ladies and gentlemen, everyone's favorite 'high school' sweetheart has apparently opted for breast implants.

After comparing the 'before and after' photo its hard to argue that Tisdale's increased bust size is a result of anything but breast augmentation surgery. Unless of course she experienced a delayed growth spurt of sorts.

Tisdale, now 26 years-old, appears to have upgraded her A-cups to presumably a B-cup or perhaps even a small C-cup size.

At this point you probably already know our stance on breast "enhancement" surgery. Long story short, its completely unnecessary. The question is... how do YOU feel about Ashley Tisdale's rumored breast implants?

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3 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

Well, to make a long comment short:
Plastic surgery is mostly, say 90% of the time, unnecessary.
In Ashley's case I think it is well done. That is to say: her nose. About the thing with breast-implants I should be a young girl or old lady to understand why. Both categories are known to do stupid things.

Anonymous said...

This is so sad that young women feel insecure enough to get their breasts enlarged.

Anonymous said...

I think she looks great and had a pretty tasteful augmentation performed; all in all I would say her figure looks more balanced now. She was a very pretty girl previous to the surgery but, again, I think she really benefited... Simply my opinion of course.