Teenage Plastic Surgery: Startling Trend, Any Solution?

If you've ever read the statistics on the increase of teens securing plastic surgery, you'd be shocked. In just 14 short years, the number of teenage plastic surgeries increased by approximately 550 percent!

That's shocking when you consider many of these surgeries were not for functional reasons, such as a "nose job" to improve the airway, but were for cosmetic reasons alone.

Teenage Plastic Surgery Increase: Reasons Why

Why do they have plastic surgery? The answer is, because they can. Often doting parents want their child to have the best of everything without considering the safety and emotional consequences of the decision. Plastic surgery has become the 'Nikes' of the 21st century. If baby girl wants it, she can have it!

Cosmetic Surgery: A Solution For Bullying?

Bullying is one reason teens want plastic surgery, as an effort to stop it. Some parents go along with the child's request, only to find out after the surgery that the bullying continued but the topic was simply different.

Rather than succumb to the child's desire, teaching coping mechanisms and methods of stopping the bullying would have prepared their child for this type of treatment later in life. However, we are a nation of quick fixes, ready to put on a band-aid rather than solve the real cause.

Diet And Exercise Alternatives

Parents also allow their children to undergo liposuction to remove excess fat from the body, rather than teaching them the importance of a healthy diet and exercise. Of course, liposuction works rapidly, but you don't solve the original problem, lack of exercise and excess calories. Even those who have fat unevenly distributed can benefit from both a good diet and exercise.

And with so many other safe natural alternatives to cosmetic surgery, its perplexing why anyone would choose to undergo the knife of a plastic surgeon.

Gambling With Serious Risks And Dangers

Danger! Warning, Will Robinson! It's a shame that only Will Robinson, from the old TV series 'Lost in Space' has a robot to issue warnings or they'd be far fewer problems from teens undergoing plastic surgery. Parents often don't stop to think about the potential risks and dangers until after they occur.

Deaths occur every year in teens from pulmonary embolisms, reactions to the anesthetic and infection. While they're more resilient to problems due to their youth, they're not immune.

I Love Me Just The Way I Am

Most of all, parents that allow their child to undergo plastic surgery are teaching them that appearance is the most important factor in life. It also tells the child they are far less than perfect--something you're supposed to find out only when you're older! It denies the child the lesson of self-acceptance so necessary in later life.

When you start comparing yourself to others, you'll always fall short. Once people accept themselves for whom they are, they can move on to the important things in life such as loving others and savoring every minute of life, not to mention accomplishing great things to improve society.

Lifting The Superficial Veil

Focusing on the superficial aspects of life, such as appearance, negates the importance of the person inside and makes beauty the most important factor.

Perhaps the saddest part of this scenario occurs when the person is in the last decades of life, finds how much they missed and realizes that no matter how many surgeries you have, outer beauty fades but the inner essence of beauty remains forever young and attractive.

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Anonymous said...

this is soooo good. ^_^ this is just the perfect article ive ever read. i am just another pretty girl and i myself was asking my sister who's a cosmetologist to do this and this for me. But thank God she's nice enough she told me I dint need all that. Plastic surgery just makes you more insecure. theres no one in the world that would do one surgery and then stay calm and satisfied, instead the insecurity grows worse. Looks dont matter! You dont wana be just another pretty person, you should rather do something that will leave your marks in the world when you leave. beauty fades away, wrinkles have to appear whether you like it or not. at least wrinkles are preferable than looking like a plastic piece of crap like most celebrities, e-g Pamela Anderson et cetera. She was a different person when she was in her teens. But she literally played with herself. Are you challenging God? God is the entirely different huge being. We are the wonderful result of his drawing. You wana be an artist and draw yourself so good and be perfect and sit down and mingle with those low-lives that prefer you under a different skin? wow. Actually God gave us something imperfect, cause life's a test. He could make us completely perfect but He made at least something imperfect just to see how thankful or thankless you'd be. God created this wonderful universe so damn beautiful, was it hard for Him to give you a perfect nose or something? LOL. The thing is you just have to fight that evil thing inside you thats Satan duh, and tell him that no you are beautiful. All along in your life, you just have to overcome that evil thing inside you , and then this world is yours! everything will be perfect and you'll be happy. Just be happy the way you are, love people even if they dont love you back, just be friendly, avoid jealousy, make people happy and see people happy. Take care of yourself in natural ways, exercise, eat good food, be nice. Materialism is only another hell hole. God bless you (:

Anonymous said...

Doctors that do cosmetic surgery should be screened like a criminal.
They should be forced to justify the reason for each surgery, which is apparently not the case today. Although they might leave as much scars to a person as a raper does.
A raper does it to please him-/her-self whereas a doctor like that is not different in any way. Beauty is not only made by your body. The way you look into the world changes the way you look and thus changes the way others see you.
Did you never meet a person who looked ugly at first glance and the ugliness disappeared when you got to know him/her?