Reasons Not To Get Plastic Surgery: Top 5 Things To Consider

When people consider getting plastic surgery, they can often think of a number of reasons to proceed with the operation, particularly if they really want to do it. It's like asking a teenager for reasons you should extend they're curfew. However, there are a number of reasons to avoid getting plastic surgery. Before you opt for any procedures, you should read the top 5 reasons to avoid plastic surgery.

1. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Is Expensive And Unnecessary: That tummy tuck you thought might be the answer, may not be necessary if you participate in an active exercise program. Dancercise, yoga, ballroom dancing, or any legitimate exercise routine can tighten the skin while making your body healthier. The good news is that you don't have to pay for surgery and you also receive other health benefits too! Checkout our articles on surgery alternatives:

2. Plastic Surgery Can Be Dangerous:
The key word is surgery. No matter how simple or mundane the surgery is, you're still assaulting your body. Surgery requires anesthetic, cutting and healing. Your body is delicate and any of the three can go awry. Sometimes there's nerve damage from the surgery that causes pain or loss of muscle use. Sometimes your body doesn't react well to the anesthetic. Sometimes the wounds don't heal properly and you end up with an infection. See our breakdown of the risks and dangers associated with cosmetic surgery:

3. You Lose Your Individuality And Expression:
Looking at some people after plastic surgery reminds me of visiting a wax museum. No, they don't look like themselves. These wax figures have no familiar facial expressions that set them apart from one another. Botox and facial surgeries can result in a similar appearance.

4. You Want Your Spouse To Love You Again: Hold the phones! If you're married to a creep that only loves you if you look good, jump ship immediately. Chances are there are deeper problems within your relationship than your appearance. Instead of getting plastic surgery, get marriage counseling.

5. You Want A New Look: If this is your mindset for getting plastic surgery, you're never going to be satisfied with your looks because the problem starts in your brain, not your physical appearance. The late great Michael Jackson and the woman so addicted to surgery, she now has her 10 minutes of fame as the "cat woman", also known as the Bride of Wildenstein, Jocelyn Wildenstein, are perfect examples of people addicted to plastic surgery and still dissatisfied after each procedure.

While your face and your body introduces you, your personality is what causes people to bond with you while forming friendships, and relationships. Work on your personal character and feeling good about yourself. And focus less on attaining artificial beauty.

Story Of A True Hero And Role Model
U.S. Army soldier, J. R. Martinez, who many know from the television soap opera "All My Children" or "Dancing with the Stars" lay trapped under a burning vehicle in Iraq after his convoy hit a roadside bomb.

He suffered disfiguring burns over 40 percent of his body. He had 30 surgeries. In this case, plastic surgery was necessary but due to the nature and extent of his burns, he still bears the scars of disfigurement.

Rather than hide, he faces life with exuberance. If you watch him for a short time, you forget the scars and focus on the vitality of the man. When you look at him, your slightly baggy eyelids become insignificant. Instead of seeking out plastic surgery as a solution, you should start examining why you want it in the first place.

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3 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

JR Martinez is as inspiration. Initially I felt sorry for him, but now every time I see him, he just makes me smile. And what a dancer!

Anonymous said...

In regards to reason #1. What if someone has access to the money? And even if they don't have it. I know there are some pretty stupid folks,but I doubt most would put bills and groceries aside to get an elective surgery.
It's also unnecessary?What is necessary? This varies from person to person.You may not want a nose job b/c you are fine w/ how your nose looks.But some other fool across the country may hang their head in shame b/c of how their nose makes them feel.

With #2. Okay. It has risks. It IS a surgery after all. You know what else has risks? Driving,jumping on a trampoline,barbecue pits,swimming pools and other mundane activities/items.

What the hell is #3? This is the dumbest most retarded argument I always hear. Using Joan Rivers or that derp Heidie Montung as a general depiction of people who have had cosmetic surgery.
A close second is "You lose yurr individuality". Bullshit! If anything getting cosmetic surgery and modifying your body/face is more "individual" than walking around with a genetic preset. Lolz.

#4 should not have even been on this list of Reasons Not To Get Plastic Surgery. The title is very general. And number 4 is a very personal scenario. But then again they all are.

Reason. #5 also needs to shut up. Wanting a new look is the main reason for plastic surgery in the first place. Someone not liking their floopy saggin' boobs and some with Bdd (body dysmorphic disorder) are not even close to the same.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

And someone having disfiguring burns on 40% of their body and getting the reconstructing surgeries is not even on the same premise as someone who wants to fix their "baggy eyelids".