Plastic Surgery Horror Stories: Cosmetic Nightmares

You don't have to come out looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein, the infamous surgery addicted "cat woman" to have a bad reaction to plastic surgery. Anyone over the age of 50 may remember comedian Totie Fields who had her leg amputated due to complications from plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery, even Botox can have serious side effects, disappointing results and in the end, can even turn you into a hideously artificial-looking creation. While other procedures can put your life in jeopardy.

When you think of plastic surgery, you think of movie stars. After all, physical appearance is part of their livelihood. However, not every star succumbs to the knife. Look at world-renowned singer and actress Barbara Streisand. Her nose is less than petite and she has a non-conventional look. However, because of her presence, it became an exotic look and quite attractive.

Whether or not Raquel Welch has had plastic surgery is anyone's guess, but she insists she hasn't. Instead, she uses diet, supplements and exercise to keep herself younger looking. Even if she's fudging the truth a bit, it's good advice and can prevent you from becoming a plastic surgery horror story victim.

Anchorwoman Mary Nissenson Surgery Horror Story

The effects of plastic surgery may not show or be visible with others. Mary Nissenson was a successful anchorwoman and newly wed. However, she was 42, wanted to start a family, and didn't want anyone to ask her if the baby was her grandchild.

She opted for simple plastic surgery, a brow lift. Even though she hired a reputable surgeon for this relatively simple procedure, asked all the right questions and did all her homework to make sure she wasn't taking any unnecessary risks, something went horribly wrong.

After she awoke from the surgery, she found herself in incredible pain. She had incredible sensitivity to light and sound. In her words, "A piece of candy being unwrapped would set off a near seizure." After two weeks, she was supposed to be off painkillers but couldn't survive without them. She literally couldn't leave her darkened room due to the pain.

When she asked the doctor for more painkillers, he scolded her. Finally, after two months, doctors isolated the reason. The surgery set off a reaction in her system called reflex sympathetic dystrophy, RSD. It's rare so some plastic surgeons don't mention the possibility or even recognize it.

The damage was permanent. She began a regimen of morphine, 12 pills a day and approximately 30 other pills throughout the day. If her pain were excruciatingly bad, she'd take intramuscular injections. Her insurance company didn't pay for any of it since it was the result of an elective surgery. Mary is now on permanent disability. Her marriage ended, her career ended and she lost her home and assets.

Donda West Plastic Surgery Nightmare

A more recent plastic surgery horror story is the sorrowful death of Kanye West’s mother, Donda West, following a tummy tuck and breast reduction operation. An operation that one surgeon refused to preform on the 58-year-old West, due to possible heart complications.

On November 10th, 2007, the former professor of English at Clark Atlanta University, and the Chair of the English Department at Chicago State University, Donda West, died. A life that ended much too soon, a result of complications from cosmetic surgery.

Additional Surgery Complications
Other cases of medical malpractice by plastic surgeons include disfiguring facelifts, botched breast augmentation and incredible scarring. One woman's plastic surgery horror story involved breast implants put too close to each other. Because of this, it created the image of a single breast with two nipples.

The problem with these plastic surgery horror stories is that doctors actually charge to repair the damage THEY caused. In many cases, it takes multiple surgeries to correct the error of one misguided scalpel.

Choose A Safe Alternative
So before you schedule your first or next plastic surgery procedure, consider the negative life-altering possibilities that come with cosmetic surgery. Instead, seek out safe alternatives to undergoing the knife. Regardless of the situation, there is always an alternative option to consider.

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people look soooo fugly and scary and very strange and fugly and scary and...wait did i already say that stuff? im not even joking! i never got plastic surgery because how HORRIBLE it makes you look and surgery scares the shit out of me and having plastic crap or whatever IN your body is DEFINITLEY BEYOND stupid! who in their right mind would risk health factors like that???!! i feel sorry for the people who have gotten plastic surgery and died/lived.the ugliest person in the world cannot even make themselves a smidge prettier using plastic surgery because you are who you are and that's who you ALWAYS WILL BE.EVERY single person i looked at looked far prettier before their dumb mistake of plastic surgery.some people don't look much different and that's definitley a downside to it all because of your HEALTH and so WTF was the point of it all??nothing of course.if you say you want plastic surgery then you are saying you want to look your ugliest and are willing to die just because you THINK you arn't beautiful enough and you are willing to divorce or have a hard time with relationships.that's FACT.remember your health and look at all the plastic surgeoned faces you can possibly find and that better change your mind.AND ALSO REMEMBER at least if you THINK your ugly or somebody else does then you can ALWAYS be the one to say that it's NOT YOUR FAULT and YOU CAN'T HELP IT.but if you get plastic surgery and someone calls you ugly or uglier than before then you automatically lost that privelige of you getting to say that.