Julia Volkova Plastic Surgery: Before After Botox And Lip Injections

Who in the world is Julia Volkova, you ask? You might remember her as the cute Russian singing sensation and one-half of the pop duo known as, t.A.T.u. A female pop duo that garnered worldwide attention after the release of their ultra-catchy single entitled 'All The Things She Said'.

If you haven't been keeping up with Julia Volkova lately... Things have changed a little bit in regards to her appearance. Not plastic surgery!?! Yep, we think so.

It appears that Ms. Volkova has traded in her youthful good looks for a generic wax-like "makeover" that may include procedures such as botox and lip injections. However, many contend that the pint-size pixie went as far as getting a full-blown facelift. See this collection of before and after pictures and decide for yourself.

If Julia continues to augment her appearance in this manner, she'll be next in line for our annual installment of the 'worst plastic surgery'. And nobody wants to end up on that list. Unless of course you have a twisted sence of self-beauty. Oh wait...

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2 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

It's like she's trying to look like Elizabeth Hurley (especially in the first After photo) and she was already pretty. She's a hot mess now :-{

Anonymous said...

i want to sue whoever oked her to do this to herself!!!she use to be so beautiful