Courtney Stodden Before And After Breast Implants Surgery

Before we delve into the cosmetic side of Ms. Stodden, lets first find out who exactly she is and why she has become a topic of media attention.

Born August 29, 1994, Courtney Stodden is a aspiring singer who is yet to achieve any real success in the music industry, however, she has garnered a wealth of attention as the 16 year-old bride of 50+ year old actor, Doug Hutchison.

Stodden and Hutchison tied the knot on May 20, 2011 with consent from the brides mother, since then the pair has been spotted all over tabloid magazines and internet gossip hubs alike. Undoubtedly seeking "fame by scenario".

Courtney Stodden Before And After Breast Implants Surgery?

Since the day Courtney Stodden took hold of the media spotlight, there has been speculation regarding her appearance. Many have suggested that Stodden has succumb to a disturbing trend known as teenage plastic surgery. A topic that we recently documented here on this site.

Breast augmentation surgery has been a trending topic surrounding Courtney Stodden, however, additional facial procedures are also a topic of debate.

As you can see from the before and after picture listed above, the bleached-blonde teen appears to have either went through a massive growth-spurt or she invested in a pair of breast implants.

And considering her overall petite body size and the appearance of her breasts, which contain tell-tale signs of breast implants (upper pole fullness and roundness), we're leaning towards breast enhancement surgery.

Courtney has dismissed the boob job rumors on more than one occasion... as we glance at these presumed post-implant photos listed above. The subject is seen donning a spaghetti strap shirt that reads "Yes, They're Real".

And while we totally believe that her shirt is made from 100% "real" cotton, we have a hard time labeling her assets as natural. Maybe its just us?

After viewing the before and after comparison, do you think Courtney Stodden has undergone plastic surgery for breast implants or is she really all natural? Either way, that guy she married is like 35 years older than her! Wowzer! Must be true love...

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Anonymous said...

There is no date on this post. Not sure why. But there are pictures of her post surgery in a medical setting being wheeled in a wheelchair and with obvious breast enhancement bandaging on.