Worst Celebrity Breast Implants: 10 Notoriously Bad Boob Jobs

You don't necessarily have to be a man to notice the ever increasing breast size of modern-day women. Even other women get caught up in the 'real or fake' game from time to time. Take a moment to look at some of the most attention-grabbing boob jobs in Hollywood, as part of our top ten worst/most notorious celebrity breast implants. Would you guess they were fake?

10: Shauna Sand
Former playmate turned "celebrity of sorts" Shauna Sand reportedly weighs less than 100 pounds, yet has 34D sized breast. She hasn't admitted that her chest is plastic, but most women with her frame are not falling over from chest weight. There is a point where breasts start to look more like balloons.

9: Janice Dickinson
Place saline implants under super thin skin on a skinny supermodel and you get implants that can be seen with every lift of the arm. Janice isn't denying that she has had some work done, but we would all know anyway since they appear to be pushing out of her skin. It doesn't help that the former supermodel doesn't believe in covering her shoulders or chest.

8: Tara Reid
This must be one of the best breast augmentations in Hollywood, or so we thought, since Tara left everyone wondering over her mysteriously larger breasts for years. The only speculation concerning this augmentation was that her chest suddenly appeared larger. At the time it was regarded as a job beautifully done, and one that may have never been verified had her top not fallen down in front of the cameras during a red carpet event, revealing significant scar tissue around her nipple. Consequently, this major blemish has landed her on the most notorious celebrity boob job list.

7: Victoria Beckham
Victoria once had a pair of the most unnatural looking breast implants in show business. This augmentation landed the former Spice Girl with exceedingly tight and often bulging implants that appeared to be one too many CC's of saline or silicone. Ms. Beckham has since had the implants removed...as the world applauds her decision.

6: Katie Price
You could consider Katie addicted to her boobs. Or perhaps she is in the middle of a lifelong search for the perfect boob job. She has had multiple breast augmentations and the results seem to get progressively worse, rather than better. In this picture, you can actually see a long indentation or groove around the edges of the implant. Looking natural is clearly not a goal for Katie.

5: Jodie Marsh
This is where breast implants turn into emergency flotation devices. Jodie openly admitted to getting her implants after going through a heartbreaking divorce. She is now an astounding 32GG. Apparently, she wanted to make sure all single men saw her and wanted her. You could consider her breast implants an insurance policy against loneliness.

4: Coco Austin
Austin's DD augmented breasts along with her rumored buttock implants have literally sculpted her into a media driven celebrity. The attention garnered from her presumed procedures and the ultimate result of cartoonish curves has set the stage for a "promising" career which has landed her in numerous magazines, and on her own reality television show alongside her rapper husband, Ice T.

3: Tori Spelling
Tori just can't get it right when it comes to the implants. There are some pictures of her looking scary thin, with barely any fat under the skin to conceal and contain the implanted material. Then there are pictures of a more filled-out Tori smiling into the camera with oddly shaped breasts. She has probably undergone at least one corrective surgery and will hopefully keep some fat under the skin so she looks fresh and round, rather than sunken and dried out.

2: Heidi Montag
Heidi has been very honest about the woes of having size G implants. She can't even hug her dogs! The enormous implants were a part of a massive cosmetic splurge that turned heads around the world. Regret is the word of the century for Heidi, as she has repeatedly expressed tremendous regret concerning her plastic surgery choices.

1: Pamela Anderson
And the number one spot on our list is reserved for none other than blonde bombshell, Pam Anderson. A woman who has received enough breast implants to have single-handedly kept the Titanic afloat long enough to save all 2228 passengers.

Pamela Anderson has reportedly undergone at least six separate breast augmentation surgeries over the course of her career. All the increasing, decreasing, and the actual surgery involved has really taken its toll on Ms. Anderson. Some have suggested that she is now suffering from a complication known as capsular contraction.

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Women get breast implants in an effort to make themselves more sexually desirable. And the reason they want to be more sexually desirable, is because MEN have caused women to feel as if they are unlovable, unless they are sexually desirable. It's a catch-22, because even after getting the implants, most men will simply use said women as a "receptacle", and then dump them. Yes...this is a sad, sad world...full of misguided idiots who never seem to GET what REALLY matters.