Ricki Lake Post-Weight Loss Plastic Surgery?

Since her resurgence to the lime-light by way of 'Dancing With The Stars', Ricki Lake has also re-entered the crosshairs of rumorville USA. But is plastic surgery really in question?

Back in 2007, Ms. Lake went from 250 lbs to an astounding 123 lbs after she decided to alter her eating habits by kicking junk food to the curb while adopting an all-natural meal plan.

Her new diet included healthy treats such as: Chicken tandoori, shiitake mushrooms, mozzarella red pepper melt on whole grain bread, balsamic glazed salmon, baked rosemary turkey breast, vegetable hummus with crudités.

Plus breakfast dishes including: strawberry banana pancakes, whole wheat toast with roasted garlic jam, Pastel frittata, flaxseed cranberry crunch granola with fresh berries and soy milk.

We truly admire and congratulate Ricki Lake for making this superb decision to choose a healthy diet and lifestyle. Go Ricki, go!

Post Weight Loss Plastic Surgery? Lifts And Tucks?
In many cases, when a person loses upwards of 100 lbs in a relatively short period of time, they will inherit an excess amount sagging skin. Some people will opt for various plastic surgery procedures to banish the sag. Procedures including: breast lift, tummy tuck, arm lift, along with other body lifts.

As you may have noticed, Ricki Lake is looking relatively fit while gracing the dance floor on 'DWTS', which has sparked a few rumors regarding a possible post-weight loss operation or two. Could this the true?

It certainly is a possibility but...and this is a big but. When an individual decides to alter there diet in such a healthy manner, when they lose weight, they don't typically see as much sagging of the skin. This is because eating a healthy diet will supply your body with essential nutrients that help restore the elasticity of your skin. Keeping you toned and healthy.

With that being said, we think there is a strong possibly that Ricki Lake is 100% free of plastic surgery.

So Ricki, stay on the good-foot and keep reaching for the stars! (Cheesy)

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Anonymous said...

Why do I never believe anyone of oh, 225-250 and over who suddenly and successfully lose weight did it by "being healthy"? Yeah, right.