Kristin Cavallari Before And After Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Kristin Cavallari is probably best recognized for her role on reality television programs such as The Hills and Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. She has since been making headlines for various other reasons, including her highly publicized breakup from professional NFL quarterback, Jay Cutler. An engagement that lasted less than a year.

Cavallari's most recent public endeavor comes as a cast member on the 13th season of 'Dancing With The Stars'. Which she has been touted as a moderate favorite.

But that's not the reason you're here. What brings you here is the rumors regarding Kristin Cavallari's alleged nose job plastic surgery.

And while its not exactly breaking news, the speculation has been swirling for a few years now. So lets take a closer look at her before and after comparison photos.

In our best estimation, we think Kristin Cavallari had a minor nose job procedure. An operation that smoothed out a small hump on the bridge of her nose. Also it would appear that she may have had her nostrils slightly narrowed as well.

With that being said, if she did in fact undergo a nose job (rhinoplasty) operation, the surgery was very subtle to say the least. Hence why many of her fans dismiss the plastic surgery rumors all together.

Its also worth mentioning (and we will expand on this topic more in the future) that Kristin Cavallari is suspected of undergoing breast implants (augmentation) surgery. An enhancement procedure that is believed to have occurred in late 2010.

Cavallari isn't the first 'Hills' cast member to dabble in plastic surgery. Heidi Montag shocked the world with her 10 + procedures that literally transformed her visual identity. And lets not forget about fan-favorite Audrina Patridge, who still to this very day is denying her undeniably obvious breast implants.

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Anonymous said...

a slight tweaking of the width of her natural nose, I think the work is good and the surgeon is to be commended.