Butt Augmentation Dangers And Risks - Implant Side Effects

Butt implants or buttock augmentation, along with butt injections are used to enhance a persons posterior. The injections are preformed by injecting the buttocks with fat from other areas of the body. Often the thighs or abdomen of the patient undergoes liposuction and the fat that is removed is used to shape the buttocks.

The use of fat from their own bodies has a two-fold benefit. It is being taken from an area where there is excess fat, which helps to shape the body, and since it is from their own body, rejection is not a problem.

The procedure takes about two and a half to four hours, depending on the type of procedure being performed. These procedures are generally pretty expensive, and the cost ranges from approximately $5,000 to $10,000, depending on the surgeon performing the butt augmentation surgery.

As with any plastic surgery procedure there are always going to be risks and dangers to consider before undergoing the operation. This has prompted many people to seek alternatives before opting for surgery. However, the recent surge in popularity has led many people to unlicensed "doctors" that can cause a whole host of problems when performing butt implants and buttock injections.

Dangers Associated With Butt Implants & Injections
Buttock implants are done under general anesthesia and this is one risk in itself since the recovery time is longer than when a procedure is performed using local anesthesia. Overdose is another possible danger.

The skill of the practitioner is another vital aspect of the surgery. Moving fat from one part of the body to another must be done with care or fat necrosis can occur leading to infection.

Silicone Dangers
Butt implants that use silicone injections are another danger. The silicone used is unstable and can move within the body. If it goes into the bloodstream or the lungs, this can result in death.

Permanent disfigurement is another risk. Commercial grade silicone is often used, and this type has not been approved by the FDA. The body will sometimes treat the silicone as a foreign material and this may cause an adverse reaction.

Risk of Abscesses
Some people develop abscesses and become quite ill. Doctors report seeing this happening more in the U.S. than they used to - it was previously more commonly seen in people from Central and South America.

More and more "medical spas" are being used to perform butt enhancement procedures and many patients are developing severe complications, as the procedures are not always being performed by licensed plastic surgeons. In one instance, a customer at a spa received butt injections with fat from her stomach and developed abscesses resulting in emergency surgery.

Other Butt Augmentation Risks And Complications
  • The placement of butt implants can result in the material used bursting and surgery will need to be performed to remove the implants.
  • Buttock implants are a painful operation and often require strong pain medications for several weeks. Which could lead to drug addiction.
  • Swelling may last for a month or longer and this can interfere with sitting or lying down. This is a typical side effect of butt augmentation.
  • Excessive bleeding is another risk factor and could require additional surgery to stop the bleeding.
  • The possibility of nerves being damaged during the procedure is present. This particular complication may be irreversible in some cases.
  • The overlying skin can become stretched and scarring can occur on a temporary basis or it may be permanent.
  • Fluid can collect around the butt implant and will need to be drained. This can occur more than once and it can leak through the site of the incision.
Buttock augmentation surgery can result in many medical problems and even death. For example, Solange Magnano, Miss Argentina 1994, died from a botched buttock lift that resulted in a pulmonary embolism.

Modern Science Vs. Natural Alternatives
Plastic surgery is often highly regarded as a "miracle of modern science", however, with the possibility of such great danger to ones health, the mere idea of undergoing plastic surgery should be a last resort to personal improvement.

Modern day technology is so highly advanced that its easy to overlook the most basic forms of self-improvement. This is why we suggest for plastic surgery seekers to research "natural alternatives" before undergoing the knife. Alternatives have proven to be much safer and often more effective than surgery.

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