Breast Implant Alternatives - Natural Nonsurgical Enhancement

If you want to enhance your bust size by way of breast implants, but prefer to seek a safer and more natural alternative to undergoing the knife of a plastic surgeon, often for an astronomically high price, we have a plethora of safe natural methods for you to consider. These nonsurgical enhancement options are much more affordable than breast augmentation surgery, but they don't always deliver the immediate gratification that you get from implants.

The results are shown over time, rather than just waiting for the swelling to go down after surgery. On the plus side, these safe alternatives do not involve scarring, pain, or any of the other risks and dangers associated with breast augmentation surgery.

Natural Herbs/Supplements For Breast Enlargement
There are several herbal and natural supplements that have proven to enhance breast size or firm up the tissue for a more supple appearance. You have to take these supplements on a daily basis over an extended period of time to really see the benefits. A few to consider include: saw palmetto, dong quai, wild yam, and damiana. Each of these herbal supplements contain properties that are believed to enhance the breasts in some manner.

Vitamins A, C and E are also believed to have a beneficial effect on the breasts as well. A high quality multi-vitamin taken daily can deliver the benefit of these vitamins.

Naturally Safe Enhancing Creams And Lotions
Creams and lotions packed with vitamins and nutrients needed to firm and lift the breasts are among the bestselling breast implant alternatives on the market. They are affordable, easy to apply, and do not take up a lot of time. You just have to rub the cream or lotion on at least once or twice a day over a period of time. The results are shown gradually with time, so there are no immediate payoffs with this type of nonsurgical enhancement. So you must stick with the treatment to obtain the desired results.

Do some research and read plenty of online reviews about these creams and lotions before making a purchase. If others have seen results with a particular product, then chances are you will as well. One favorable choice seems to be "Natureday Breast Enhancement Cream" which sales for around $30 for one 4 oz. container.

Breast Enhancing Exercises
You may remember doing the "I must, I must, I must increase my bust" exercise when you were a little girl, but most women stop believing in breast enhancement exercises when they get older. That is a shame, since some exercises have proven to pump up the chest and breast tissue to give the appearance of a larger chest.

Any exercise that tones the chest muscles will give a natural lift to the breasts. You may even find that your breasts appear perkier, which is what makes exercise one of the most effective breast augmentation alternatives.

Breast Massage Enhancement
Massage therapy has proven to be effective for so many things. Despite relaxing your muscles and relieving stress, you can incorporate massages into your nonsurgical enhancement program. This has to be done correctly and frequently to really deliver results, so try to find a local professional trained in this form of massage. In the meantime you can do some research online by searching the keywords "breast massage enlargement".

Padded Bras And Proper Fitting
While you are waiting for the before mentioned enhancement techniques to show results, you can use your clothing as a basic form of enhancement. Look for bras with added padding or with advanced designs that lift up and enhance the breasts. It is amazing how perky and firm your breasts can look with the right bra! Also make sure you are wearing the correct bra size by having yourself professionally fitted at your local lingerie establishment.

Pay attention to the clothing you wear as well. Many believe very loose clothing will hide their chest, but it often just makes them look overweight and frumpy. Many would consider this to be much worse than having small or saggy breasts! Look for form-fitting shirts that flatter your chest, rather than enclosing everything in an unflattering outfit.

Safety Measures: All of the above techniques are generally deemed to be safe, however, you should always consult with a professional health-care practitioner prior to any type of self-treatment, whether it be natural or not.

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Alessi said...

I am pretty sure that the only one of these that has any effect is the right sort of bra. Push up bras can be wonderful things. The rest, herbs, creams and so on, is so much snake oil.

Anonymous said...

A massage that makes your boobs bigger? Sounds about as legit as Doctor Friendly's Mobile Gynecology Van...