Celebrity Lip Injections, List of Women with Lip Augmentation, Trout Pout Implants

Lip injections and implants are quickly becoming a popular method for women to increase the size and fullness of their lips, and with the added exposure via famous faces, this cosmetic trend is spreading like wildfire. With teens to middle aged women being the most common candidates, more and more men are also experimenting with this cosmetic procedure, as well.

There are a variety of substances and techniques used for enhancing lips, with injections and implants being the two standard methods, there are a handful of materials which are used, including collagen, restylane, and fat transfers for injections, along with more permanent options such as Gore-Tex implants, and Artecoll.

This list of celebrities includes actresses, models, singers and other famous faces who are confirmed to have, or are rumored to have lip injections, or implants.

Adriana Lima
Ali Lohan
Amanda Lepore
Bar Refaeli
Bree Walker
Britney Spears
Cheryl Cole
Claire Stansfield
Courtney Love
D'arcy Wretzky
Elizabeth Hurley
Ellen Barkin
Emmanuelle BĂ©art
Ivana Trump
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Garner
Jessica Biel
Jessica Simpson
Julie Benz
Kate Bosworth
Katherine Heigl
Kim Kardashian
Kim Vo
Leslie Ash
Lil Kim
Linda Evans
Lindsay Lohan
Lisa Rinna
Liv Tyler
Maria Geronazzo
Mary McCormack
Meg Ryan
Megan Fox
Melanie Griffith
Michaela Romanini
Monet Mazur
Monica Keena
Nikki Cox
Pamela Anderson
Patsy Kensit
Peter Burns
Rachel Uchitel
Shauna Sand
Sophie Monk
Stephanie Pratt
Ursula Andress
Vanessa Ferlito
Vivica Fox

And while many lip enhancement recipients feel that the results are glamorous beyond words, many are left with less than flattering nicknames by the general public, such as trout pout, fish lips, breakfast links, bumper boats, bee stung, lip logger, and of course everyone's favorite slang... pucker pads.

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