Muammar Gaddafi Plastic Surgery, Facelift, Hair Transplant

Ever since Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, came into our life via 24 hour news coverage, for his unwillingness to step-down from his 42 year reign of power over the people of Libya, many have questioned his worn-out 'aging rock star' appearance, and whether or not plastic surgery played a role in his peculiar Keith Richards-esque mug.
And apparently the answer is yes, according to Fabio Nakkash and Eliasir Ribeiro, a pair of Brazilian plastic surgeons who claim they preformed a facelift and hair transplant procedure for the vanity conscious Libyan dictator. broke the story, and it details the proceedings of the two plastic surgeons who visited Mr. Gaddafi back in 1994.
The plastic surgeons headed to Bab al-Azizia where Gaddafi's military barracks are located in the southern suburbs of the capital Tripoli, and told him that he needed a facelift and hair implants but without general anesthesia.

"Make me look as young as a 28-year-old man," Gaddafi told us. He wanted to start at midnight, but we said we preferred to start at 8:00 pm. He agreed, but was five hours late so we finished at 5:00 am.
After Ribeiro was done with the facelift, Nakkash worked on the hair implant by taking vesicles from the nape of his neck and implanting them one by one in the front scalp and on the sides.

We ensured that his skin was tight and his hair is no longer falling. We never saw him again and I forgot about him until he reappeared in the current events.
Flash forward seventeen years and the results of Gaddafi's facelift appears to be loosening and somewhat compromised, but hey, look at the fabulous head of hair on this wiley cat...

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Anonymous said...

That's not plastic surgury, he's just normally that ugly.

Anonymous said...

Plastic surgery did not make or help him look younger.