Kenny Rogers Swears Off Cosmetic Surgery, Citing Kids and Risk

Over the course of his career, country music singer Kenny Rogers has experienced a wealth of success, charting over 120 songs and selling millions of memorable albums.

However, Mr. Rogers has also dealt with his own personal tragedy, which took place a few years back as he opted for an eyelid (blepharoplasty) procedure, that ultimately ended in less than desirable results.
Rogers, now 72 years old, has admitted that he would never dabble in plastic surgery again, citing his age, the overall danger, and his two young children as the reasons why he is done with cosmetic surgery.
At my age now, I would never do that again because I have two young kids and there's a danger with any surgery. He tells People Magazine.
Its nice to see that Kenny is keeping all his priorities in order, while choosing family and safety over cosmetic vanity.

Just keep doing what you do best, Mr. Rogers, which is writing, recording and producing great music for you're adoring fans around the world.

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