Helena Bonham Carter Plans on Aging Gracefully

Sensational British actress, Helena Bonham Carter, star of movies including Sweeney Todd, Fight Club, and most recently in the academy award winning film The King's Speech, is sharing her thoughts on the topic of plastic surgery.
After nearly three decades in show business, Ms. Bonham-Carter is closing in on a point in her career, when many actresses seek plastic surgery in an effort to maintain their youthful appearance and further extend their career.

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However, Helena views cosmetic surgery as a negative deterrent, and believes aging gracefully is the only option for an lengthy stay in Hollywood.
You have two choices. You can have the work done and look weirder, or have nothing done and look older. I think the only way I'll continue to get work is if I don't get anything done.

I can still move all my face muscles! There aren't many who can still do that. Age is underrated. I think what's happening is that directors and the studios want actresses who have natural looks, who haven't had any work done.
And just when you thought all actresses were up to the hilt with vanity, the lovely British export, Helena Bonham Carter, adds some context to the current state of the bizarre plastic surgery conundrum, that we call show business.

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