Demi Moore Non-Surgical Facelift? Yay or Nay

Demi Moore is recognized by many of her peers and beloved fans as the epidemy of agelessness, and while many believe she is plastic surgery-free, at least one plastic surgeon suggests that the starlet may be investing upwards of $40,000 a year, to maintain her youthful good looks.
Its all in the April issue of Allure magazine, where one keen-eyed plastic surgeon gives us a rundown on a hefty list of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, that Ms. Moore may or may not have undergone.

Topping the list is an estimated $24,000 for Veneers, $14,000 worth of filler injections under the eyes, in the cheek and around the mouth and nose to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Also mentioned is approximately $8,000 worth of botox, which includes the typical injection sites, such as the forehead, brow, nose, around the eyes and neck area.
Now keep in mind, while this is educated speculation, it should be taken with a grain of salt, and may not reflect Demi Moore's actual age-defining regime. In fact, i can recall hearing or reading about Demi's fondness for traditional and alternative methods of staying young and healthy.

Christina Hendricks before and after breast implants

So lets hear it crew! Do you think this is an accurate assessment of Demi Moore's actual beauty bill? Or does the actress have her own personal fountain of youth, with the help of nutrition and exercise? Or is it a combination of both tactics?

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Dane Erik said...

It's hard to say with Demi. However she's pretty old and she looks no younger than 30.

Anonymous said...

epitome of what?