D'arcy Wretzky Trout Pout Mugshot

D'arcy Wretzky has been out of the spotlight for over a decade now, however, you recognize her as the original bass player of rock band The Smashing Pumpkins.
This mugshot photo surfaced after Ms. Wretzky was arrested for failing to show up to court, stemming from a bizarre incident where her pet horses broke loose and caused property damage as they ran freely through the streets of her home town.

And while "animals running at large" may seem like the highlight of the story, D'arcy's mugshot was also quite intriguing to say the least, as it appears the former rock star has been dabbling in a little plastic surgery.

Lip injections, lip implants, or perhaps a gnarly bar fight was the culprit in this unflattering trout pout mugshot. A look that is becoming alarmingly common and down right disturbing.
And here we see a snapshot of D'arcy Wretzky with former guy-pal and fellow plastic surgery enthusiast, Mickey Rourke.

Jane Fonda before and after plastic surgery

Oh, and to followup on the property damage charge, a judge ultimately sentenced Wretzky to six days in county jail.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no! She looks terrible! I'm so disappointed -- she was one of my favorites in HS.