Alicia Douvall Botched Butt Implants Surgery

Alicia Douvall is an English glamour model and celebrity of sorts, featured on various television programs, most recently in the documentary entitled '50 Greatest Plastic Surgery Shockers'.

Ms. Douvall is undoubtedly best recognized for her numerous overdone plastic surgery procedures, which are rumored to have cost her over 1 million dollars, including enormous breast implants and a butt augmentation that didn't go according to plan.
She expressed to Now magazine her sorrowful regrets about undergoing so many plastic surgery procedures, saying...
I bitterly regret having the op. I could've bought a house with all the money I've spent on surgery over the years. Instead, all I've got is a lot of pain and embarrassment.
However, Alicia insists this has all been brought about by her own distorted self-image, claiming she has a body dysmorphic disorder, and didn't feel comfortable in her own skin after prior weight loss.
When I lost weight a few years ago, going down to a size six, my bum went too. So I had surgery to restore it to its former glory. It was very painful and I had to wear hideous support underwear for six months afterwards, but I was pleased with the results - I felt that it was £10,000 well spent.
She was initially thrilled with her newly enhanced backside, but as time passed, things became unsettling.
Then I began to notice my bum was changing shape. The left implant had moved and had started touching a nerve - the pain was excruciating. I can't sleep on my back and I can't go to the cinema because sitting still for two hours is agony.
Alicia Douvall recently said shes done with any further plastic surgery, and attributes the decision to her 15-year-old daughters disgust for it.
She's against me having surgery because she's seen the pain I've been in over the years. I'm determined that with the right medication, counseling and healthy lifestyle I can finally stop going under the knife.
If there is anything beneficial that can come from this unfortunate plastic surgery disaster, its that Alicia Douvall can now tell her story to the masses, and perhaps deter anyone on the fence from ever undergoing such an operation.
I changed my body because I thought it'd make me happy, but it didn't. Now I'd say if you want to look different, change your image with clothes or a new hairstyle.

I wish someone had told me that years ago. I would've have been a lot prettier, a lot happier and a lot richer if I'd never had surgery.
Other more famous celebrities who are rumored to have butt implants include reality star Kim Kardashian, singer/rapper Nicki Minaj, and model Nicole Coco Austin.

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2 Responses So Far:

Pati said...

This is exhibit A to further illustrate the show biz adage "no such thing as bad publicity."

Her $10,000 back side would look better if she had done research and gone to a surgeon who has EXPERIENCE. (research, research, research)

That this pseudo-celeb is now preaching on abstaining from cosmetic surgery is quite laughable; a better service she could do us all would be to NOT BE PHOTOGRAPHED.

Anonymous said...

she looks just a taaaaad bit fake...