Top Ten US Cities with Most Plastic Surgery in 2010

The results are in and the number of cosmetic surgery procedures preformed within the united states was on the rise in 2010. With an estimated 13.1 million procedures undergone, Americans dished out a whooping 10 billion dollars on plastic surgery in 2010, which is a 5% boost from 2009 despite the sluggish economy.
So without further ado, the top ten US cities with the most plastic surgery is...

10. Washington 9. Seattle 8. Louisville 7. Nashville 6. Baltimore 5. Sacramento 4. San Francisco 3. Dallas 2. Atlanta 1. Miami.

It would seem that Los Angeles would be high on any plastic surgery related list, however this year it appears that many L.A residents outsourced their cosmetic surgery from northern California.

There were also a few surprises on the list this year, including the music city Nashville, Tennessee surprisingly ranking 7th, along with neighboring Louisville, Kentucky placing 8th respectively.

In this day and age where vanity is at a maximum, its simply food for thought knowing which cities are overly consumed with self-appearance. Do you live in one of the cities featured on this years list? If so, how do you feel about the current plastic surgery trend?

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