Sarah Brightman Before After Plastic Surgery?

Sarah Brightman is a wonderfully talented English singer-songwriter, actress and dancer, known for albums including Cats, The Phantom of the Opera and Highlights From Phantom Of The Opera.

Ms. Brightman has previously admitted to undergoing liposuction surgery while in her 20s, and in recent years it appears like she may be dabbling in other cosmetic procedures as well.

There has been some chattering about the singer possibly undergoing a nose job (rhinoplasty) operation, however it would appear to be very minor, if she actually did.

If anything, this before and after photo indicates that Sarah may be experimenting with botox injections. As we see Ms. Brightman sporting virtually zero wrinkles or creasing at age 50. Which also may be attributed to laser skin resurfacing.

Not to mention she has undergone a significant style makeover as well, which seems to be a style mixture of Amy Lee meets Debbie Harry.

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