Nicole Snooki Polizzi Plastic Surgery Quotes

Since her recent skyrocket to media favoritism, glazed butter ball Snooki Polizzi has never been short on words, albeit the majority of her dialog is littered with nonsensical rambling, about any topic thrown her way.
So naturally I imagine many of you are eager to hear what reality star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi thinks about plastic surgery, right?

In an exclusive interview with news giant CNN, Ms. Polizzi was asked "Would you ever consider plastic surgery?
No. I'm scared of needles. I can’t even! I'm scared of anesthesia because I'm scared, like, you know those stories where they feel everything when they're under? I feel like that would happen to me. So I'm not even gonna take that chance.
But don't touch that dial, because Snooki seems to be wavering a little on her past statement, while chatting with FOX Pop Tarts.
This is who I am and this is who I always will be. Now, no girl is going to say no to a little pampering here and there, I like the girly side in me. I am sure I will go through some changes, but nothing too intense. This is me.
And when asked her about Heidi Montag's notoriously extensive plastic surgery...
She looks like an alien! I wouldn't get plastic surgery right now... I don't really need anything. If anything, I would get a boob lift because my boobs are real.
And finally, Snooki had a few parting words about Hollywood starlet Megan Fox as well.
The plastic surgery is what has made her so hot!
So what have we learned from all this Snooki gibber jabber? Well apparently shes afraid of anesthesia and needles, however at some point in the future she may or may not get a breast lift...Oh, and something about pampers.

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