Mickey Rourke Close Up Look at Facelift Scarring

Its been many moons since we covered the Mickey Rourke facelift saga, however we'll take a moment and revisit the actor, after stumbling across this high quality photo which showcases the nip/tuck scarring around his left ear.
The scarring is quite evident down the front portion of his ear, also along the lobe which extends behind his ear. Plus you can see his tragus is significantly flatter than the average persons, which is often a byproduct of facelift procedures.

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I can only imagine if Mickey had a second chance, he'd most certainly avoid undergoing plastic surgery all together... But the damage is already done, and this event should serve as a warning to those contemplating a similar fate.

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But look on the bright side, Mickey, you're still landing plenty of high profile roles, albeit they aren't exactly the leading man roles you were once accustomed to, but work is work, right? Stay positive!

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