Kesha Before After Plastic Surgery? Nose Job, Implants?

Another day another celebrity plastic surgery rumor, and this time its American pop singer Kesha who's front and center of the latest cosmetic calamity.
The above photo has made its way around the internet like a cheap dime-store hood, pointing out the key locations of Kesha's alleged plastic surgery...

However it would appear this before and after photo was constructed by a prankster, more than a keen eye, and if there is anything to be observed from this comparison, its that Kesha has went through a dreadful fashion makeover.

Breast implants? Try push-up garbage bag bra. Brow lift? Nope, just an interesting choice of makeup. And the nose job comparison angle is just absurd.

Mickey Rourke facelift plastic surgery photo

So what have we learned here? Kesha has most likely not undergone plastic surgery, but she is undoubtedly the proud recipient of a fashion meltdown...

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Anonymous said...

Lol that's not plastic surgery that's called makeup... way to fail