Kelly Brook Talks Plastic Surgery, Breast Implants?

Kelly Brook is a stunningly voluptuous English model and actress, featured in magazines such as FHM, GQ, and more recently in the blockbuster film Piranha 3-D.
Ever since entering the public eye, there has been a wealth of debate centering around the bodacious bust line of Ms. Brook, and whether or not she has undergone plastic surgery for breast implants.

Rumored to possess a 32E bra size, Kelly Brook has previously denied ever having plastic surgery, in fact she is quite fond of staying all natural, and admires others who reject cosmetic enhancements.
Elle Macpherson is in her forties and looks amazing, as does Lauren Hutton and she is 65. I don't have any body hang-ups.

I have never wanted surgery and doubt I will. I would like to grow old gracefully.
When have I looked my best? Probably now. I am in love, healthy and happy. And I am older and wiser too!

I am more sure and confident about who I am. I don't feel the need to apologize for myself any more.
So what do you think? Is Kelly Brook really 100% natural, or did she need an assist from plastic surgery to achieve her round mounds.

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Its also worth mentioning, while posing for the September 2010 issue of Playboy magazine, Kelly Brook appeared significantly less endowed than she has in the past. Perhaps a breast reduction or removed implants?

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Just something to keep in mind, if you plan on digging through some before and after photos online...

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Kelly is naturally beautiful.