Eva LaRue Breast Implants Plastic Surgery?

Let me start by saying, I was not really familiar with Eva LaRue's body of work prior to seeing her this weekend, gracing the red carpet of the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards.
Her shear beauty is startling to say the least, and after discovering Ms. LaRue is forty five years young, i was perplexed at how ridiculously youthful she appears. Seriously she could pass for twenty five easy!

Secondly, it became quite apparent that Eva LaRue is very well endowed in the chest department, which immediately prompted speculation whether or not she is all natural or cosmetically enhanced, so to speak.

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So i quickly hit the photo archives, and it didn't take much digging to discover a wealth of photos that would suggest Ms. LaRue may have undergone plastic surgery for breast implants.
Many of her more 'revealing' photos have the telltale signs of breast implants, including high placement, which is common with newly inserted 'unsettled' implants. As well as extra perkiness, minimal natural hang, and overall cleavage shape.

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So what have we learned today? Eva LaRue is breathtakingly stunning and apparently age defying, however there is a strong possibility her voluptuous curves are man made. What do you think? Plastic surgery or all natural?

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Anonymous said...

Natural or implants, they look great :)

Anonymous said...

Eva has always been "bosomy" from her days on All My Children in the early to mid-nineties. As long as she's been carrying those puppies around, and as large for her body as they've always been -- it's not a stretch to believe that she's had a lift.

Google image her and you'll find a very young pic of her modeling a push-up bra. Large then = large if not larger now. The type of top/dress and bra a woman makes a huge difference, and she is a prime example. There's lots of shots where her boobs sit very high, and some where they're much lower. Check it out.

BTW - that 'rounded and defined' look that so many of the "experts" say can only be achieved with implants is completely untrue. Mine are all mine, but I get that same look as soon as I put on my Victoria's Secret bra.

Anonymous said...

Shot of Eva and her sister, notice anything that seems to run in the family? Also, very natural sag through the peephole. No implants.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your superb post. Fascinating, the almost scientific precision with which you approach your bosomological analysis. Leaves one wondering if this degree of sophistication is the norm amongst the ladies when it comes to assessing the condition and deployment of their and their counterparts assets.

Anonymous said...

if she did or not, i still like the way she looks. she's hot!

Anonymous said...

Gives wood