Toni Braxton Before After Nose Job, Breast Implants

Toni Braxton before and after nose job and breast implants plastic surgery.
Toni Braxton's plastic surgery tale is ancient news, however it was recently brought to the forefront when Ms. Braxton tweeted about her past procedures, and the ongoing speculation about further tweaks.

So apparently Ms. Braxton has a new 'look' about her, and some people believe that its also attributed to plastic surgery... She responded with this little message.
Yes indeed, her past procedures appear quite evident in these before and after photos, especially the nose job, which significantly narrowed the width while creating more definition.

Roseanne Barr before and after plastic surgery

As for the boob job, she reportedly had them removed for one reason or another, perhaps complications? It isn't exactly clear.
So we'll leave you with this little excerpt from a previous interview she had with People Magazine...
Parts of me are 41 and parts of me are 20..[I will undergo] nothing else...I don't want to be a turkey, stuffed and plucked and baked.

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Anonymous said...

I guess since love wasn't enough to bring him home last night....Bigger boobs will.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Getting a nose and boob job 22 years ago is indeed ancient history.

Anonymous said...

the results were an improvement so there is no controversy.
Her altered nose fits her face better than her natural one.

Arianna Crawford said...

well I dnt care wat anybody say abour Toni Braxton she still fine ass hell 4 her age

Anonymous said...

Wish I knew where she got her new boobies done at soil can get mine done