Blythe Danner Talks About Botox And Plastic Surgery

Blythe Danner is a lovely and talented American actress, who has been making the show business rounds for over forty years and counting, recently recognized for her role in the 'Fockers' film series. She is also well-known as the mother of a-list starlet, Gwyneth Paltrow.

In a recent interview with Us Magazine, Blythe Danner discussed her thoughts on plastic surgery, and her own personal use of botox injections...
Well, I think we've all fooled around with [Botox]. I think, you know, we've got so much at our fingertips now, why not take advantage of it? There are extraordinary things that can help us now.
I mean I can't stand the big, puffy lips. That stuff is just crazy! And the cheekbones that come out to here! I feel like, why do they think they have to do that?
And while Ms. Danner didn't delve any deeper into any further plastic surgery of her own, others have speculated she may have undergone a minor facelift and eye lift. However botox is the procedure which is evident in our eyes.

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Botox said...

Botox can benefit several areas of the face. For instance, the brow area is prone to wrinkling because there is much muscle movement in that area when facial expressions are made.

Anonymous said...

she looks great. if she has had it done, then she knew when to say when and didn't go overboard.

Anonymous said...

such a pity. she was such a beauty. now she looks like a freak