Amerie Before After Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Amerie before and after nose job plastic surgery.
Amerie is a successful Korean-born American Grammy-nominated R&B pop singer, known for albums including All I Have, Touch and Because I Love It.

Keira Knightley before and after nose job plastic surgery

There isn't much debate regarding whether or not Amerie has undergone plastic surgery for a nose job (rhinoplasty), just a slight glance at her before and after photo, and you'll notice a world of change, which is believed to have taken place shortly after the release of her debut album.
As you can see, Amerie's new re-sculpted nose is dramatically thinner, with a more prominently defined bridge and pointier tip.

Cameron Diaz before and after nose job plastic surgery

The overall scenario is somewhat reminiscent of Rapper Lil Kim's nose job, except Amerie experienced a much more favorable result, which was most likely achieved during a single procedure, opposed to the multiple operations undergone by Kim.

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Anonymous said...

she looks great before and she looks great after!