Tanya Tucker Breast Implants?

Tanya Tucker breast implants plastic surgery?
Who could forget Tanya Tucker, the thirteen year old singing sensation who grabbed the spotlight some forty years ago, and hasn't relinquished it since. Best known for hit albums including What's Your Mama's Name, What Do I Do with Me and Can't Run from Yourself.

Sabrina Sabrok before and after breast implants

I suppose "Can't Run from Yourself" is the theme of this post, as we see a recent snapshot of Ms. Tucker looking mighty different, and despite packing on a few extra pounds, her breasts appear to have quadrupled in size.

Angelyne scary plastic surgery photos

Other sites have suggested the country queen may have undergone plastic surgery for breast implants... and we're gonna say that's a safe bet. As for the rest of her "look", perhaps influenced by watching too many episodes of that dreadful Jersey Shore backwash.

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Tanya should *tuck* those things away for the night.