Nene Leakes Before After Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Nene Leakes before and after nose job plastic surgery.
What is there to say about Nene Leakes, that hasn't already been secretly whispered by her fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta...

Well for starters, she was the focus of an obvious yet unconfirmed plastic surgery makeover for quite some time, that is until she spilled the beans while being interviewed by People magazine, last month.

Cameron Diaz before and after nose job plastic surgery

That's right ladies and gents, Ms. Leakes finally came clean about her plastic surgery check list, which included a nose job, liposuction around the waist, and the downsizing of her breast implants from DD to D, plus a lift.
I'm very comfortable and confident in myself. I just wanted a tune up. I still wanted to look like NeNe, the black woman that I am, but a better version.
So without further ado, please welcome the new "better version" of Nene Leakes!
Let me just say, its almost always a bad idea to undergo plastic surgery after already becoming famous, because the procedures are often what you'll be remembered for...

Blake Lively before and after nose job plastic surgery

And with that being said, Nene Leakes' nose job has transformed her into a new person. Good or bad? You decide.

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Well at 1st i liked her old nose but now that i see it up close in think she did the right thing because her nose was Fat & Gressy but her new nose looks LONG AS but still love ya HOLLA!

Anonymous said...

That looks like that Kardashian with tan. Disgusting!