Marlo Thomas Before After Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Marlo Thomas before and after nose job, facelift plastic surgery?
As many of you will remember, Marlo Thomas starred on the hit 1960's television sitcom entitled That Girl, and later appeared in films including Jenny and It Happened One Christmas.

And when shes not being adored by her famous husband, talk show host Phil Donahue, shes lending her time and money to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, where she serves as National Outreach Director.

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Fabulous career and admirable human being aside, Marlo Thomas also appears to have another passion in her life, the desire to maintain her youthfulness with the help of plastic surgery...
Judging from the before and after photo, and other recent snapshots of Ms. Thomas, it seems quite evident, from her tight facial texture and pinched nose, that shes undergone a few cosmetic procedures in her day.

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Presumed procedures include a browlift, rhinoplasty, and possibly even a minor facelift, along with facial fillers and botox injections, to help stabilize everything.

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Anonymous said...

Nose job, chin implant and numberous wigs. It been long reported that she was a nightmare to work with on her television show, produced by her father and brother. Truthfully with the amount of Hollywood money that her father has plus his show business connections, of COURSE she has her own televsion show. Many believe her down right cruelities to former servants and house staff have more to due with her repressed lesbianism, then a spoiled background. Rumors have always brewed about her close and personal "friendships" with fellow actress Ruth Buzzie......

m.s. said...

@Anonymous- God help us all. Can't someone have a friendship without it being sexual? I've never heard this about Marlo before. Also, her nastiness might be because she was spoiled by her father. That sounds way more plausible than repressed lesbianism. As for her nose job, her original nose was rather prominent and hooked like her father's, so in order for her to have a successful career it was probably a good idea. The nose jobs of that era tended to be extremely tiny and pointy with triangular nostrils. I think she had two. In the early seasons of That Girl, her nose was very subtle and well done for a nose of that period. In later seasons, it was even smaller. She should have left it alone, but she was still beautiful. Unfortunately, that kind of perky tiny nose doesn't age well, and that's why it looks like it has collapsed. She also looks much better with bangs and a darker hair color. For her age she's still attractive.

Anonymous said...


Of course you stay Anonymous- what is going on INSIDE of m.s.???? The horrible uglyness inside of someone who makes such tragic comments is scarry- I would take the most ugly person in the world befor dealing with m.s. who is in itself a tragic figure of deep psychological issues.
Marlo Thomas reamains one of my heros!! I tear up just writing about her life. In 1994 I was a suvivor of canceer. Every time is see the blessed children of St. Jude, my heart is full of gratitude to the love & courageous spirit of Marlo Thoma. She is very much like Mother Theresa, who saw dying children every day of her life yet continued on in the ministry God called her to accomplish. I hope that Ms. Thomas will have a chance to read the diaries of Mother Theresa, whose days were full of abandoment issues a darkness.
I'm terrible sorry m.s., but your words were so caustic & frightening- to make such sad statement with regard to a women who has & IS a hero to us all.
Forgive my not being able to write very well, but at this very moment, I can't stop crying- perhaps, maybe, you m.s. are in need of much prayer-
Sorry, Lynz2727

Wingnut said...

Marlo Thomas was beautiful just the way that God made her. She never should have had the plastic surgery, because it honestly looks horrible now. Any time I see a star with plastic surgery, I can spot it immediately, because something just looks off. It changes the subtle characteristics of what makes us the individuals who we are. Most of the time, people who have plastic surgery are far more worried and self-conscious of what they consider to be problems than anyone else is. Negative self image and picking ourselves apart because of show business ruined what was once a beautiful face.

Anonymous said...

I saw her on New Normal. Her nose job is so bad, she can barely breathe! Her nostrils are almost closed and you can hear it 'whistling' when she breathes. Its a TERRIBLE nose job.

Anonymous said...

You should not compare to a saint like Mother Teresa because "That Girl" is no saint! How can you spend money on things like that and then beg for money on TV and other social places from people that work for a living and hurt for those kids especially when they can't help them!!;