Marion Cotillard Breast Implants Plastic Surgery

Marion Cotillard before and after breast implants plastic surgery?
Here we have the dazzling award-winning French actress, Marion Cotillard, who has starred in movies such as Nine, Inception and La Vie en Rose.

And if you've been following Ms. Cotillard's career over the past couple of years, you may have noticed a recent distinct change in her figure, a change that has caught the attention of more than a few wondering eyes.

Marlo Thomas before and after plastic surgery

Its already been plastered all over the internet, and along with this before and after photo, its hard to deny that French acting sensation, Marion Cotillard, has undoubtedly undergone plastic surgery for breast implants.
Unless of course, those wily French have conjured up an alternative to breast implants, perhaps hypnotically increasing bust sizes with the power of thought...

Aly Michalka before and after breast implants

Ironically, Ms. Cotillard recently teamed up with the hilarious crew over at Funny or Die, and made a short video about men, and their inability to focus on anything but a woman's chest. Forehead Tittaes is the title, and perhaps the solution.

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4 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

she's pregnant, you morons. stop regurgitating this stupid story.

Kit van Cleave said...

Anonymous is right -- you have no evidence except a photo in a dress which, worn by several different women, punished their breasts by pushing them up way beyond comfort. People in the know in France say the actress has already announced that she's pregnant, and she and Guillaume Cante may well already be married.

The idea that this gossip has "been all over the Net" is hardly proof of credibility. Next time check your facts before printing this sort of nonsense. Cotillard is one of the LAST women in film who would have breast enhancements -- or need them, either.

Anonymous said...

She looks much sexier without the bob haircut. I dunno what moron convinced her to keep that cut for so long.

And I think she just put on some weight and it went to her boobs. Fake tits when they're bunched up don't look like that, that's genuine titty fat. If her boobs were fake the booby flesh would be more concentrated toward the cleavage instead of toward her armpits and the top of her breasts would be rounder.

Anonymous said...

Do you people know what a push-up bustier/corset is? is that thing that Cotillard is wearing in the second pic! even the skeletic Keira Knightley would like she just had a boob joob wearing a push-up bustier like that!
And the second pic is from September 2010 and Cotillard was pregnant at the time, do you know that boobs get bigger when the woman is pregnant, right? her son was born in May 2011, so do the math!

Cotillard has big and natural boobs since ALWAYS! just google "Marion Cotillard naked in Chloe" (a film from 1996 that she did when she was a teenager) or "Marion Cotillard naked in Les Jolies Choses" (a film she did in 2001) and you will see that her boobs are real! only a moron who never saw a boob outside of porn films can't see the difference between real and fake boobs!
BTW, boobs can get bigger or smaller if the woman gain or lose weight, did you know that?

OMG! people don't even know how real boobs look like these days, anything is a "boob job" for those kids who never saw boobs in real life! LOL